Bridal & Bespoke Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How do I make an appointment? 

Our bridal consultations are generally held from Monday through Saturday between 11am – 7pm with subject to availability and the convenience of both parties. Please click on the “Get in Touch” tab and leave your details along with your intended appointment date & time and our team will get back to you with a confirmation. Alternatively, you may also call us at 03-64113154 to inquire or schedule an appointment with us.


2.     Can I bring my family along during the appointment?

The more the merrier! However, for your own comfort - we’d highly advise bringing no more than 3 guests during the appointment as our studio space is fairly limited.


3.     What is the timeline for a Bridal dress?

The timeline for each Bridal Dress varies between orders for many reasons. However, we would need at least 12-20 weeks from confirmed order/appointment day to complete the order.  The first fitting (prior to any finishings) is normally scheduled on a date 40-50 days before your event date to accommodate the final fittings and adjustments that will occur.


4.     What are your terms of payment? Do I need to pay a deposit?

After the first appointment and discussion, we will then follow-up with an estimated total / invoice for your order. Once the first deposit payment is received as listed, we will then follow-up with design proposal(s) for your Bridal Dress. The deposit is required to secure your Bridal order in our production calendar – Please note that this deposit is non-refundable.

A second deposit is then due after you have approved the design details and agreed budget for the design. This second deposit shall amount to 50% of your estimated final amount due. The final stage of payment for the balance due, including any additional costs incurred during the weeks leading up to collection must be paid on the day of collection.


5.     What forms of payment do you take?

Our payments and invoices are issued in MYR.  You can pay using any of the following methods:

·    Visa and MasterCard credit cards

·    Bank Transfers


6. What do I need to bring for my fitting sessions?

Wedding shoes and Nude underwear! It’d be great if you already have your wedding shoes, but if you don’t – we’d advise you to bring shoes of a similar height. It’s vital for us to know the heel height early in the design process so we can avoid any last minute alterations or changes in the design process.


7. How many fitting sessions are required?

The number of fitting sessions varies between orders for many reasons. The average bride would need to come in between 2-3 sessions – any weight fluctuations / weight loss will have a significant impact on the design process of your order prior to the intended collection date. However, please do notify us if you’re on your period or feeling unwell during your appointment day or first fitting – this is to avoid any false measurements being taken which would require a second appointment and any potential additional cost incurred to you


8. How many alterations will I get? 

During each fitting session, we will share and agree on your measurements thus allowing us to keep an eye on your measurements in between fittings. If you happen to encounter significant weight gain or loss after our agreed timeline – we will have to charge additional payment for the major adjustments required for your dress.


9. Do I need to buy the fabric or will Hani Mokhta source the fabric?

We do accept fabric/materials from our brides under certain requirements which can be discussed during the appointment day. Alternatively, we can also assist you in sourcing the right fabric/materials needed to achieve your desired look & style based on an agreed budget.


10. Can I reschedule my fitting appointments?

Yes and No – this all depends on your wedding date and which tier of the design process you are working with us on. It is advisable that we work ahead to agree on the timeline proposed with the possible fitting dates as this will provide our team with enough time to fulfill your order.

11. What is the difference between Bridal and Bespoke wear?

There are signifcant differences between Bridal and Bespoke wear.

Bridal: Any bridal order created from us is an exclusive, one of a kind style unique to you. We offer an intimate and close design collaboration with our brides to develop a Bridal dress that’s exclusively to you. This will include the creation of new artworks / designs sketches, working with different fabrications and developing customized beading techniques.

Bespoke: This service includes creations of non-bridal orders for the women who would like to wear our creations. We work hard to ensure our Bespoke orders fits perfectly and the styles are designed to your unique specifications and requirements. Your order will certainly still be made exclusively for you but options and opportunities for adaptations are limited so you will have a clear vision of the final outcome and budget.

12. When can I collect my order?

Our aim is to have your order ready for collection one week prior to your event date. We can then store the dress for you at our studio to collect at a convenient time before your event. As with all Bespoke and handmade projects – this one week window may also vary since we will be making adjustments and improvements with the embellishments and finishing, up to the very last moment.

13. Do you accept last minute orders?

We might if we’re able to squeeze in our production schedule – we’re serious about making magic happen so feel free to inquire directly with us with your last minute query.